Technical Mortars

SOTRAL offers a range of Technical Mortars that is designed to meet the technical requirements of building applications, civil engineering, streetscape and roadwork jobsites. The mortars are designed to adapt to every worksite by getting and sharing an accurate knowledge of building materials and their substrates, and anticipating changes in construction techniques.

The concrete mortars are shrinkage compensating mortars with a high initial and final mechanical strength. They can be used for restructuring degraded concrete structures and are intended for leveling and filling pin holes in concrete surfaces.

Anti-corrosive coatings and are applied as a passivation of steel rebars against water and chloride prior to be covered with a concrete mortar after drying.

The grouting-bedding and anchoring-grouting mortar is used in flowing or trowelable consistency, offers an excellent resistance to seawater and sulphated waters and has a quick increasing strength.

SBR-based admixtures with high solid contents for mortars are a synthetic resin emulsion (bonding agent) that increases the bonding of smoothing/levelling coat and base coat. It improves the resistance of mortar and concrete to traction, abrasion and shocks, makes it waterproof and improves resistance to oils, grease, diluted acids.