Thanks to a 60 years old experience in chemistry and coatings manufacturing combined with a highly qualified R&D department, Courtsol, as the sport division of ALLIOS, offers today a complete range of outdoor and indoor sport ground coatings.
Courtsol's offices are located in the South of France next to Courtsol's factory which enable to carefully control quality, manufacturing and logistic procedures.
Courtsol also provides its partners with technical and commercial assistance allowing them to fully optimize the use of Courtsol products.
This synergy of partnership, quality and service explain Courtsol's success in many important sport projects in France and abroad.
Their range Courtsol OUTDOOR INDOOR offers high quality acrylic coatings easy to apply and especially designed for the realization of outdoor and indoor sport grounds (tennis, basket-ball, volley-ball, hand-ball, badminton...).
The six systems of this range combine technical requirements, quality of play, wear resistance and all-weather use.
From Courtsol STANDING system up to the Courtsol PRO PLUS professional system, the whole Courtsol OUTDOOR INDOOR range can suit any type of budget and playing comfort.