Façade Protection & Decorative Solutions

Specialists in Facade solutions for more than 23 years, SOTRAL offers a variety of products ranging from waterproofing paints to water repellents.

The ready-to-use hydrofuge, silane and siloxane based migrates by capillarity and is permanently fixed in the support. Its application is easy and it doesn’t affect the surface appearance

This product is used for the protection of facades made of:

  • Smooth concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, concrete slabs
  • Hydraulic mortars and render
  • Sandstone
  • Bricks, tiles, terracotta tiles, paving stones, and their joints
  • Natural and synthetic stones, reconstituted stones (a preliminary test is essential)

Monocouche renders are a main component of facade protection as this product is weatherproof. This one-coat render is applied with a high pressure pumps with a 12mm thickness

As for the acrylic primers and coatings, they insure insulation and stabilization of wall surfaces, provide a flexible, waterproof coat, with high adhesion to any surface such as concrete, wood, old layers etc. They offer antifungal protection and high resistance to weathering and maintain their properties over a wide temperature range (-20°C to 80°C).