Waterproofing and Thermal Insulation

SOTRAL offers a wide range of waterproofing products: liquid polyurethane bituminous membranes and hydraulic mortars
Experts in this field for more than 30 years, SOTRAL supplies and applies these products for the following applications:

  • Building work coverings such as basements, balconies, terraces, and roofs.
  • All types of vertical elements: foundation walls, supporting walls, façades, walls.
  • Water tanks and swimming pools

Each family of products have their own application and offer different advantages:

  • The bitumen membranes offer great advantages such as a good quality/price ratio, a very high adhesion to surfaces, SBS polymers with a high elasticity and cold flexibility, and are adapted to roofing with difficult shapes and high architectural value.
  • The water-based liquid membranes offer high elasticity, and resistant to water stagnation, can be covered with ceramic tiles and have a high initial solar reflectance index (SRI) for the white version.
  • The hydraulic mortars offer a major advantage: it’s a very quick drying product. This allows to stop instantly and durably water infiltrations. It hardens within seconds and can be used under water. The hydraulic mortar can also support microcracking and withstands pressure and counter-pressure.

For thermal insulation, SOTRAL offers Extruded Polystyrene boards which are a high-performance, closed-cell rigid structure, that provides optimum thermal insulation.