PAREXLANKO is the trademark of Parex, a French-based international company which has for over 40 years now been designing, formulating, producing and marketing specialty solutions for professionals in the building and civil engineering sectors.
Our range of PAREXLANKO products provides solutions for:

Protecting and decorating façades in both new build and restoration work
As a recognized` Façade specialist, we offer a complete range of solutions for both new and old construction work. Thus meeting applicators’ requirements and enabling them to express their craft and know-how to the full: a vast array of colors and finishes, products that are easy to apply and adapted to worksite conditions, technical advice and support.

Tiling systems and floor preparation
It is our utmost priority to focus on our customers’ needs, so as to be able to provide them with innovative solutions, i.e. products that are in line with the latest professional and technical developments for floor preparation and tile laying.
Our range of tile adhesives, colored tile grouts and self-levelling mortars are designed for each type of structure, substrate and tile.

Repairing, protecting and waterproofing concrete structures
Our Technical Mortars are designed to meet the specific requirements of building, civil engineering, streetscaping and highway maintenance applications. Ensuring an optimum awareness and understanding of materials and substrates and anticipating future developments in your line of work… these are our overriding objectives when designing mortars that can be adapted to each and every worksite.
Just like you, what really counts for us is the end result. Whether you are a self-employed craftsman, a firm of architects or a building contractor, we are proud to deliver the solutions that you need, to be always at your side providing help and support.